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Your Investment Partner 

Our Purpose


Independent businesses are an important part of the local communities and economies that they serve; providing best in class service that far exceeds that of the nationals. At Troy, we understand one of the challenges to compete against these competitors is budget and access to expensive tools and skillsets. This is where we come in - to support, help and ensure the independents thrive.


Our Mission


We champion independents by levelling the playing field. We offer services that deliver growth, efficiency, people empowerment, and investment. 

Our Proposition


We deliver that mission through four key services: our world class buying group, our business services offering, our people network, and our investment platform. 

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Our Investment Platform


Should you be considering the future of your business and wanting to ensure it’s legacy, a Troy acquisition could be a fit for you:


  • We keep the name above the door

  • We maintain the front of house services, selling quality products to your local marketplace with unrivalled product knowledge

  • We look after and develop your staff


Using the scale of the group we focus on driving business efficiency - inventory management, credit control, accounting, marketing, ecommerce and IT, HR and general business admin. We do this by incorporating proven technology and digital platforms, and establishing a best practice approach across the business. 

As your Investment Partner Troy, would support you in the following areas

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  • New product opportunities

  • Group leverage and negotiation



  • Social Media, Digital Marketing, Printed and CRM Marketing

  • E-commerce set up and optimisation

  • Brand guidance and awareness

  • PR



  • Fleet management and fuel cards

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Vending Arrangements

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Automatic EDI

  • Basic reporting

  • Cloud-based

  • Employee accountability

  • Increased productivity

  • Product security

  • Secure access

  • User friendly

2023_11-27 Bell Tools, Bedminster for Tr


  • ERP implementation and management

  • IT Procurement

  • Helpdesk support and Cyber Security Management

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  • Recruitment

  • Onboarding

  • Training

  • Employee relations

  • Enhanced employment benefits and packages

Troy SkyPark Outside_3.jpeg

Facilities Management

  • Utilities management (coming soon)

  • Business Rates Management (Coming soon)

  • Member insurance facility (coming soon)

2024_01-25 Troy (UK) Sales Conference - Full Resolution _ IMPACT 20twenty-009.jpg


  • Efficiencies through process management

  • Health & safety, training, guidance and reporting



  • GDPR governance

  • Management Information

  • Real time data

2023_11-27 Bell Tools, Bedminster for Troy - IMPACT 20twenty-101.jpg


  • Payroll

  • Management accounts

  • Cashflow forecasting and management

  • VAT and Tax

  • Acquisition support and mobilisation

2024_01-25 Troy (UK) Sales Conference - Full Resolution _ IMPACT 20twenty-056.jpg


  • Commercial contract support–negotiation and legal advice

  • Multi-channel, multi sector approach

  • Internal and external sales team support


Support with Quality standards

  • ISO14001

  • ISO9001

Next Steps

Whether you are interested in Troy becoming your investment partner or not, the Troy Group is here to support you as an independent business. Should acquisition not be right for you, then many of these services are available through our Troy Business Services offering on a subscription and pay-for-services basis. Details of these services can be found on myTroy or via your Business Development Manager (BDM).

There are many reasons why our members decide to sell their business to Troy; often it is driven by a lifestyle choice coupled with the strong relationship that they have with us through their years of membership.

Although, more than that, we believe that one of the main drivers is our shared values – with the independent at the heart of everything we do. We want to do what is right for each business and develop on the significant impact that has already been realised within the local community that they serve.

Whether it is to enhance your Troy membership with the support outlined previously, or to enquire about Troy becoming an investment partner, please contact your Business Development Manager. Please do not hesitate to contact us, even if at this stage you are just curious, we are here to answer all your questions.

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