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Quality Management Policy 

P 1.0 Troy (UK) Ltd Statement of Policy and Authority


Troy (UK) Ltd has as its major business objective the responsibility for the management of the provision of products and services relating to the administration of transactions between Troy/THS members and suppliers and supporting promotional services. A cost-effective Quality System is the means adopted to ensure that quality and business objectives are met, and objective evidence made available to substantiate that achievement.


The company has a full commitment to the principles of Quality Assurance and recognises the necessity for the involvement of all personnel in the Quality Management System covering the seven Quality Management principles:

  1. Customer Focus

  2. Leadership

  3. Engagement of people

  4. Process approach

  5. Improvement

  6. Evidence based decision making

  7. Relationship management


The Troy Operational Board has responsibility to identify internal/external issues along with interested parties, needs and expectations, risk, and opportunity. KPI measurement processes underpin this requirement by identifying areas for improvement which address issues but fulfil interested party expectation.


Through this process the culture of continual improvement will evolve in services offered to customers and to efficiencies in internal operations, communicated and promoted throughout the organisation to all interested parties as part of the company’s business to excellence.


Troy (UK) Ltd is an equal opportunity company with a culture that provides for training of staff to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to develop in line with our aims and objectives.


Gemma McRae

Group Operations Director

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