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Introducing CarbonImpact: Simple Carbon Emissions reporting for businesses

Updated: May 24

Today, we are pleased to announce the official launch of CarbonImpact, a carbon emissions reporting tool designed to empower businesses in their journey toward environmental sustainability. Developed by Applegate in collaboration with the University of Exeter, CarbonImpact is set to revolutionise the way organisations measure, track, and reduce their carbon footprint.

The urgency of climate change has never been more apparent, and businesses play a pivotal role in achieving global net-zero emissions by 2050. CarbonImpact offers a simple yet powerful solution for businesses of all sizes to understand their environmental impact and take steps towards reducing their CO2 emissions.

Key Features of CarbonImpact:

1. Scope 3 Emissions Reports: CarbonImpact leverages your unique data to create reports for your transport emissions, providing a line-by-line breakdown by sales line. This in-depth analysis takes into account metrics such as quantity, distance travelled, and mode of transport, offering insights into the emissions generated during the final leg of a product’s journey.

For those seeking a more holistic evaluation of their Scope 3 Emissions, CarbonImpact can calculate the carbon footprint for each product in CO2 equivalent tonnes, following the Government spend-based method. Using calculations from DEFRA, alongside guidance from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol CarbonImpact provides reliable and trusted insights into Scope 3 emissions.

2. Simplicity and Ease: CarbonImpact is designed to streamline the process of measuring and evidencing carbon emissions. Unlike other solutions, there’s no need for complicated API plugins or technical assistance. CarbonImpact empowers your business to track and reduce its carbon footprint effortlessly.

3. Go Green with Confidence: By choosing CarbonImpact, your business can make a tangible impact on its carbon footprint. Our tool provides the data-driven insights needed to take proactive steps toward environmental sustainability.

“We have developed an accessible ESG product, offering a sustainable solution for businesses of various sizes. We support efforts to foster carbon-conscious practices within our industry, enabling businesses not just through Applegate and Troy but also beyond to embark on their journey towards a more sustainable future”. – Stephen Paine, General Manager at Applegate.

The calculation methodology employed by CarbonImpact adheres to the Defra Environmental Reporting Guidelines and has been crafted in collaboration with leading experts from the University of Exeter. By leveraging this approach, Applegate ensures that businesses receive accurate and reliable carbon emission data, enabling them to make informed decisions to drive sustainable change. Meet the CarbonImpact Team at Advanced Engineering!

To learn more about CarbonImpact and how it can benefit your business, we invite you to meet our team at Advanced Engineering at the Birmingham NEC on Troy Stand H170 on 1 and 2 November. Discover firsthand how CarbonImpact can help your business take steps toward a sustainable future.

For more information about CarbonImpact, please visit

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